Social media marketing is the key to getting the word out for your business’ products and services. You can’t simply just put things out there on social media, the biggest component of social media management that is often overlooked is the tracking and reporting of social media analytics.

As a Los Angeles social media company, we know the power your social media reach is to the level of success your business will have. We have compiled a list of the best social media marketing tools to help you make your marketing efforts on social media more effective.

There are  tons of different platforms that can help you no matter what your experience level or the size of your business. If you are new to social media management, you are probably thinking: “what is social media analytics?” Think of social media analytics as the gathering of data from various social platforms to help you form a marketing strategy.

When analyzing the data, it is best to have prioritized your business goals. Once you have goals in mind, it is easier to pick out key performance indicators (KPIs), which will most likely be based on engagement stats.

Engagement stats would include things such as:

  • likes and shares on your posts
  • comments or replies on the posts
  • clicks your links and content earn

It is through this data that you will be able to figure out how you can best utilize social media to help meet your business goals. But now, on to the top social media analytics tools:

1. Keyhole

Price: $89 – $3,000+ USD per month

Keyhole is used to measure, in precise detail, a trend or specific brand’s impact on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The dashboard is not only instinctual, you can also share it with multiple members of a team. The program tracks hashtags, keywords and full campaign metrics in real time. It looks at your post’s reach, impressions, periods of high activities and more.

The data you collect can help you build an influencer outreach plan. By using the dashboard’s influencers feature, you can reveal information about surrounding accounts that have the highest rich and interaction numbers. Keyhole will help you to identify important accounts in your niche to help boost your engagement by re-sharing their popular content.

2. AgoraPulse

Price: $29 – $199 USD per month

AgoraPulse operates in multiple languages and can be used to track engagement on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. While it has the standard metrics many social media analytic platforms have, it also ranks users who frequently share the content you post and notifies you when your profiles and pages are mentioned. The information collected, in combination with community management stats—like your message response rate, will help guide your social outreach efforts. There is even a feature that will let you export analytics graphs into a PowerPoint file.

3. Brandwatch

Price: Contact Brandwatch to discuss a unique plan

Brandwatch is best used as a research suite and works across most major social media platforms. The program gives you information about the markets you own and want to enter, such as demographic data, such as gender and occupation. Brandwatch will monitor your brand’s reputation in real-time, tracking if anyone is positing positive or negative messages about you. Most importantly,  the program will filter out spam and duplicate mentions making the data pretty accurate.

4. Buffer

Price: Free – $2,550 USD per year

Buffer is a comprehensive social media scheduling tool. You can see the engagement numbers for your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn posts. It will even identify for you the top post each day. One thing to keep in mind is that Buffer will only track the posts that you make through the platform.

5. BuzzSumo

Price: $99 – $999 USD per month

BuzzSumo tracks the top social content in your niche. All you have to do is plug in a URL, phrase or keyword into the search bar to see who is sharing relevant content on various social media platforms. It will also identify the most influential sharers to reach out to, to promote your content.

6. Crowdbooster

Price: $9 – $119 USD per month

If you are looking for a quick and simple Twitter and Facebook analytics tool Crowdbooster is for you. The dashboard is straightforward and customizable, and gives you access to real-time engagement data, which can be exported to Excel. Crowdbooster gives you recommendations about when the best times to post are, as well as who to engage and ways to improve your interaction efforts each week.

7. Google Analytics

Price: Free – $150,000 USD per month

There are a lot of posts on the web you can read about Google Analytics. While it is a clear choice for analyzing website traffic, there are features that make it ideal for evaluating certain social media metrics. It will measure the value of traffic coming from social sites, meaning it will track how visitors behave and if they convert.

8. Hootsuite

Price: Free; advanced plans vary

Hootsuite is similar to Buffer, as it is a social media management dashboard. Not only can you schedule posts and aggregating content, you can also use it as an analytics tool. The platform measures your team’s performance and tracks standard engagement numbers.

9. Klout

Price: Contact Klout to discuss a unique plan

Klout gives you the ability to quantify your influence on each social media platform. The ranks are out of 100, and are based on your ability to engage and drive action. This allows you to see which platforms you are the most influential on and can help you to figure out which one is best to successfully interact with your audience.

10. Little Bird

Price: Contact Little Bird to discuss a unique plan

The goal of Little Bird is to eliminate the need for influencer research, giving you the ability to focus on outreach. The tool tracks the most important people who interact with your brand. It finds the most engaging topics and content for you to base or share your ideas on. You can use the influencer list feature to target a specific group of qualified individuals throughout your social media campaigns.

11. NetBase

Price: Contact NetBase to discuss a unique plan

NetBase is designed for targeting enterprise-scale brands and agencies. Community managers can use this platform to quickly make decisions on large accounts that hey manage, claiming to be able to process posts nine-times faster and 50-70% more accurately than other top analytics platforms. Net base can look at posts in 42 different languages and determine how users feel about trends.

12. quintly

Price: Starts at $129 USD per month; advanced plans vary

This platform allows you to see how your profiles measure up against your competitors. Through graphs that show standard engagement, it will track and compare your performance on major social media platforms.

13. Rival IQ

Price: $199 – $439 USD per month

This analytics tool is also beneficial when monitoring competitors. Rival IQ will track how opposing brands perform on various social media platforms. This tool records how audiences develop, or shrink, on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis. By using historical data, you are able to compare growth rates to major events and the business cycles to determine when your competitors are expanding their fan base.

14. Socialbakers

Price: $120 – $480 USD per month

Socialbakers captures data across the major social media platforms. This platform allows you to create groups that you can track yourself against and for companies that are across the globe, Socialbakers allows you to segment data by specific brands and countries. Through the use of segmented data you can see where your efforts are the most successful and where there is room for growth.

15. Social Mention

Price: Free

This tool works like a social search engine, simply type in a keyword and you will have access to a long results page of user-generated content from over 100 platforms. Based on the content found in the search, Social Mention tracks traditional metrics.

16. SumAll

Price: Free – $99 USD per month

SumAll is perfect for those who are looking for a tool to guide your long-term social media strategy. In combination with e-commerce data, you are able to track information from all your social media platforms in a single interactive chart. It also allows you to set and track your goals and view performance graphs. SumAll will also send you email report summaries.

Social media has changed the way we look at marketing. It is a great way to build communities and promote your brand. Tracking your business’ reach on social media does not have to be a time consuming or difficult task. There are many tools that are available to help you save time and get more accurate data.

There is probably not be just one tool that will give you every piece of information you are looking for from your social media; however, there is most likely a combination of a few tools that can help you to move your social media strategy in the right direction. It is through the ability to understand your strengths and weaknesses that will help you to become a better social media manager.