Social media marketing is huge. Some may have thought it was a fad that would pass by eventually, and more traditional methods of marketing would once again be king, but that’s not happening. The social media genie is out of the bottle, and there’s no putting it back in. This means that it’s time for your company to start taking advantage of this amazing advent of influencer marketing. This guide will help you get jump started on social media if you’re looking to handle your own social media management.

Purpose of Social Media

The purpose behind social media for any company is not just about selling your product or service. The key purpose is connecting to your audience. You want to build a connection with customers and potential customers that is positive as this helps to create a positive view of your brand. Your brand image is worth its weight in gold when it’s positive and connecting with your audience. Your followers, friends, and fans on social media will be your biggest supporters and awe inspiring sales agents that you don’t have to pay to spread the word about your business.  It’s amazing the network that you can build on social media with a little effort on your part that can create some huge dividends.

Social Media Platforms

There are a wide number of social media platforms that you can utilize for your social media needs, and they’re not all created equally for your needs. The type of business that you own and your selected audience will help to determine what platforms are best for devoting your time towards. Even though it doesn’t cost anything to open accounts with all of the social media platforms available it still might not be economically feasible for you to use them all. You’ll need to invest the time and energy into your social media.

Some of the popular social media platforms that exist currently include the usual suspects, Facebook and Twitter, but also include Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, and more. You should probably only focus on one of two platforms when you first get started with your social media efforts as you may be overwhelmed if you try to devote your time to all of them. It can be hard to decide which platforms deserve your attention, but it can be helpful to think about your business and the demographics of your audience. For instance, if you have a business that works well visually, Instagram, may be one of your go to social media platforms Restaurants, florists, and other similar businesses may enjoy using Instagram because of the focus on high-quality images that can be attractive to your potential clients.

Your demographics can also be important for picking your ideal social media platforms. For instance, Facebook should be a strong contender as Pew Research Center reports that about 62 percent of the adult population uses Facebook. Another demographic statistic is that more users of Twitter are located in urban areas compared to those that live in suburban areas, so if you’re targeting your local city, Twitter may be a good bet. Women are more likely than men to be using Pinterest, so this may be more ideal for products targeting women. Pinpoint those you’re looking to connect with on social media to help you make a better informed decision on what platforms you want to start off with in the beginning. A Los Angeles influencer marketing company may be the source to turn towards if you find that you’re still not sure what platforms you should be targeting.

Social Media Strategy

There are a number of things that you need to keep in mind when devising your social media strategy. You’ve probably heard the phrase in the past that content is king, and that’s certainly true with your social media posts. You want to post content that is going to interest your potential audience. Interesting content is going to get your social media accounts noticed. Loyal customers may sign up as a follower or a friend because of their existing relationship with your company, but if they don’t see content that interests them, they’ll probably ignore your posts. This means that you’re missing out on getting that content seen by their social media network of friends and followers that would’ve seen it if they’d given your post a like, share or comment. Post content that you think will catch their attention rather than just promotional materials. Share your blogs, post articles that you think your network will find value with, and post thank you notes to customers that compliment your service or product. This doesn’t mean that you can’t post about sales and other promotions, but that you shouldn’t overwhelm others with a lot of self-promotions.

There are other aspects of your strategy that you want to consider. For instance, what time should you post your content. The middle of the night is probably not a good time to post content as most people won’t see it as they’re snoozing, but posting about your happy hour a short time before it’s going to start won’t work either. Timing can be everything with social media. You should also consider how active you’ll be online with it. It can be helpful to know that you’re going to set aside so much time during the day to use your social media accounts.  For instance, you can set your post up for the day, and then comment on other posts and respond to comments on your posts. The more active you are, the more of an audience will start to gain interest in interacting with your brand.

Post, Test, Repeat

As with any marketing efforts, you’re going to want to watch what happens when you post things to your social media channels. You’ll need to create your post, test it to see how well it does, and then, either continue repeating the successful posting or starting again with another type of post if the first didn’t do well with your audience. You know that a post is doing well when it starts to rack up interactions among your audience. This means that they are retweeting it, liking it, sharing it with friends, or commenting on it.

Your audience is doing exactly what you wanted with social media, interacting with your brand, and helping to build it up in the minds of the rest of their network. Your audience is helping to spread the world, and if your content is catchy enough, you’ll be adding to your network. Paying attention will help you focus your efforts and energies on those types of posts that are getting the positive attention you want while letting those efforts that don’t get noticed fall by the wayside.

Social Media and Beyond

Now, it’s noted that your social media accounts aren’t meant to be used as a full promotional tool with always posting ads, sales, and coupons, but you can take your social media accounts and still use them beyond social media. For instance, social media can be an excellent way to help build your email list. Offer a contest in exchange for an email or promote your newsletter signup on the page. This will help you beef up your email list.  You can also invite your audience to come to your website. Make sure that you have your website visible on your social media accounts, so that if a new individual wants to check out your products and services, they can get to it easily enough. In fact, your website, blog, webstore, and social media accounts should all be linked to allow your customers to find whatever they need from the source they’re using.

Social Media Customer Service

You should also consider having either yourself or someone in your company responsible for engaging your audience on social media. This can be a great tool for customer service as a great deal of individuals are asking questions or looking for a company to make a bad situation right through social media. The quicker you’re able to respond to questions and problems on social media will help to improve your brand image. You’ll want to consider exactly what you’ll say before responding, especially in the case of negative comments. The world will be watching to see how you handle the difficult cases, and when you respond politely and work through an issue as much as possible in a transparent manner, you’ll impress a lot of people. Just keep in mind that you’ll want to move to a more private method of communication when it comes to your customer’s personal information, like their address or credit card information.

Now, you’re ready to start tackling the world of social media marketing thanks to this quick guide to everything you need to know. Still feeling a little lost on the ins and outs of social media? A Los Angeles social media company might be the right route for you to take. You’ll be able to take advantage of the powerful marketing punch that social media offers your company without having to try to puzzle all of it out for yourself. We’re here to help.